About Ashcrofts

Ashcrofts Limited is a firm of Insolvency Practitioners and Business Recovery Specialists. Ashcrofts is a member firm of the Insolvency Practitioners Association.


Ashcrofts was established in 2003 by the directors, Harjinder Johal and George Michael. Both are Licensed Insolvency Practitioners and are Authorised by the Insolvency Practitioners Association.

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Meet the Directors


Constructive and Cost Efficient

Ashcrofts offer hands on expertise specialising in Business Recovery and Insolvency providing positive solutions for negative situations.

While Ashcrofts is a small firm, our services rival those of the medium and large firms in quality and cost efficiency.


Insolvency is complicated and even confusing, especially when you are under great financial pressure.

We explain everything in plain language, making absolutely sure the client is clear about what’s happening, at each stage.


Many companies and individuals face financial problems often through no fault of their own.

Providing comprehensive advice, we analyse the situation, to determine if there is a viable alternative to bankruptcy or corporate insolvency.


We are flexible in response to your needs and proactive in our approach.

We provide comprehensive knowledge, experience and technical expertise that are absolutely essential in dealing with Insolvency matters.


We are also experienced in offshore Business Recovery and Insolvency with particular expertise in Cyprus, Channel Islands and Gibraltar.

Our Clients

We provide independent, confidential and constructive advice to both individuals and companies who require creative and flexible solutions.

Ashcrofts provides this, not only where there are financial difficulties, but also where restructuring would assist in creating a stronger business to meet the challenge of a tough economic climate.

Working with Other Professionals

We also work closely with other firms of professional advisers, accountants and solicitors.

We provide specialist insolvency advice to complement their in-house capabilities. This adds depth, in a highly complex and technical area, where expert guidance can produce significant results for the clients or creditors as the case may be.

We welcome enquiries and are happy to meet to discuss potential cases either at our offices or at the clients’ if more convenient.

Whatever your problem our aim is to find the best solution to resolve it in the most efficient and cost effective way.